Experiential Marketing Tips For Events In 2019

May 29, 2019

Experiential Marketing Tips For Events In 2019

What is Experiential Marketing?

A strategy of making consumer a brand is ‘Experiential Marketing’. Customers are considered an important part of organization’s actual growth. The interaction between organization and consumers causes the public to share their views and experience to the world and this helps a brand positively. This is what experiential marketing is all about. Experiential marketing is not only effective but it strengthens contacts between customers and brands. And gratefully because social media and digital media, experiential marketing has gone to a whole new dimension.

Here are some ways to go big with experiential marketing.

Be Visually Appealing

Incredible visuals are powerful enough to capture anyone’s mind. The visuals go into your brain and create the whole scenario and leave their footprints and permanent impression. Your visuals should be very appealing. While creating the visual, you should identify the basis of your brand and what it stands for. Know your target audience for marketing the event. Deliver some sort of message and value to the people who will attend the event.

Market the Event

You can market your event on holidays and special occasions, which other businesses don’t give importance to. Because you never know what customer can get attracted to. Occasions such as Summer Solstice or TV show premiere. Also always maintain physical signage like flyers. Keep informing people about the timing of the event.

Email Marketing

Make sure you follow up with attendees and send them thank you emails. Put visuals in your email, and make it appealing but simple. The use of appropriate voice for the target audience is important. Make it sound unique. Be clear about your message.

Get Interactive

Do interaction tours with the public. In foreign, 15 ambassadors of different brands drove around the city and giveaway their brand product. Give direct experience to the public of what services you sell. Be distributive. Include games and competition, this catches audience attention. Always keep the product on hand to sell.

The Comprehensive Social Media Campaign

Your events won’t catch the heat if you will not do social media marketing campaign. Make a Facebook handle and keep updating about your dates and locations of the event. Post live streaming. Post after event videos and create a hashtag for your event & make video testimonials. Social media is how experiential marketing truely flourish.


Experiences are good for generating blog content. Do blog twice or thrice during the campaign and interact with people. Let the public take snaps of the event, and you can later use it in your blog as a response from the public. Post videos and images, with your commentary. The blog will deliver a successful and powerful impact on the public.

Use Technology

Use the latest technology and make videos of the event. Video footage will help you tell how many people are engaged, and how many people are reacting.


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