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Event check-in app and registration software solutions.

One World Rental works alongside leading app developers to create bespoke apps for conferences and public events. An event check-in or event registration app has a number of functionalities that will improve your entry management system and help market your brand. 

How an event registration app improves the event entry process.

First impressions count, especially at events. If your guests have to wait in long lines it can dampen their enthusiasm and set the tone for a mediocre event experience. What’s the best way to avoid this?

Additional event check-in app functionality explained.

What else can a check-in or event registration app provide? It’s not just about taking attendance- these apps can gather important consumer data, create seating charts and interactive floor plans, and facilitate ticket sales while boosting fundraising donations. Marketers know that guests are more likely to make charity donations when the process is simple to navigate. In this way, ease-of-use is vital.

A check-in app can also enable and encourage mass communication and social media engagement and promotion. Guests can connect with each other and share live updates easily with the recommended hashtags and event handles suggested via the app. Other features? You can add and remove guests from lists, send emails to registrants, and create seating charts easily.

Event software and POS systems.

Our app solutions integrate with POS equipment like L7 case hire (and other roaming sales terminals), iPads and barcode scanners. Registration apps also communicate wirelessly with our portable printers for receipts, badge and wristband printing.

Event branding for software and apps.

Brand any of the information you provide your guests including on-site interactive maps, forms, menus and collateral. It helps to increase awareness and sends the message that you are a professional, competent, and established brand. This establishes trust and goodwill among your potential audience. For more information on how we can help with event branded software, please contact our customer service team 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We’d be delighted to help with your event brand management and provide options for your next digital experience.

There are many benefits of check-in and registration software including:

ID Badges & E-Tickets

Efficient on-site ticket printing
ID branded badge printing
Efficient & proactive results

Event Check-in App

On-Site guest check-in
 Integrated check-in apps
Evaluate guest data

Additional Elements

Upload user profiles
Social media integration
Create seating solutions 

Event Registration App

Register / amend guests details
Customized forms
Corporate event splash pages

Corporate Data Analysis

Manage guest lists
Instant data input
Interact with other users

Interactive Additions

Display scheduling
Interactive floor plans
Social media networking

For more information on our event registration and check-in solutions contact us today for a free quote and consultation.

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