Deploying event technology rental equipment, technical staffing, and Wi-Fi solutions throughout Canada.

One World Rental has over 10 years of expertise in the IT industry. We have over 4,000 corporate clients in over 50 countries. We believe in going above and beyond to provide incredible digital experiences under any circumstances. What do we offer? We provide event technology rental equipment, including iPads, laptops, cell phones, POS equipment (card readers, portable printers, barcode scanners etc.) Audio-Visual gear, Virtual Reality equipment, digital signage, desktops, accessories and more. We also offer technical event staffing, Wi-Fi installation, software (both bespoke and standard) and logistics for events throughout Canada and anywhere in the world.

Our IT rental Toronto solutions cover a range of events including corporate conferences, cultural, banking, finance, public and educational sectors, enabling clients to deliver:

Is your event technology rental setup with the latest software and applications, and ready-to-use?

At One World Rental, we offer software solutions as well as hardware options. We have app developer partners who are leaders in the field, and we specialise in event-related apps. We can install popular software so that it’s ready-to-use on the day of the event. We can also create bespoke branded apps including event check-in and registration apps, and customized menu building.

Registration apps have proved invaluable in the last year, with capabilities that include recording and uploading guest information to company websites- this can help measure event performance and guest interaction and track and predict consumer habits that are vital to future promotions. We believe in software that is simple to use, creative, and well-designed.

We integrate apps directly onto laptops and iPads, providing solutions for:

Event check-in
 Collaborating presentations
Virtual payment systems
 Interactive games
 Voting & polling
Data analysis


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Our IT rental for events and exhibitions include:

Wi-Fi rental solutions that are fast, consistent and powerful.

We learned a long time ago that the right internet connection was non-negotiable. A digital event can’t function without high-speed internet that is consistent, regardless of the number of devices or attendees present. How can you ensure that your Wi-Fi is enough? Talk to our internet experts- a team of technicians who have been providing internet access for over a decade in some of the toughest conditions and most isolated worldwide locations.

At One World Rental, we design and install robust Wi-Fi networks for small and large-scale events. This includes public Wi-Fi as well as event Wi-Fi; everything from corporate workshops and trainings to concerts, conferences and international festivals. We can provide a variety of options including Access Point installation, hardline, satellite, and personalised bonded internet, among others. Do you have an event or exhibition anywhere in Canada? We can help you to get and stay connected.

Technical event staffing services at One World Rental.

Our technical event staff can help with a variety of aspects including delivery, maintenance, setup and installation, de-rigging, and more. We can provide training for your event staff or send in a team of our own experts to ensure an on-site technical presence and give you digital peace of mind from start to finish.

Our team has the knowledge and character to meet any technical challenge, and you will find that they are as personable as they are knowledgeable. Our technical services are available both remotely or on-site- and can assist with project management, Audio-Visual support, Wi-Fi installation, equipment setup (as well as support and training) delivery, and logistics.

We provide our clients with event technology solutions across Canada covering locations such as:

Nova Scotia
New York

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Global event experience in successful IT rental, technical staffing & Wi-Fi installation.

We offer a 24/7 technical support service throughout the rental period.

Trusted suppliers to 4,000+ corporate clients globally.

Partnered with trusted web developers to create customised apps.