As part of your audio visual service we offer a range of the latest touch screen products for digital events and exhibitions.

Our wide range of touch screen rental equipment enables our clients to display professional business presentations, training programmes and seminars. Our clients guests are able to effortlessly interact by directly ‘touching the screen’. This feature inspires users to take part in live projects, voting options, social networking and have a better overall user experience.

Our touch screen equipment is available in different sizes and is also available as small tablets, perfect for mobile users delivering:

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LED Wall Hire

Rent LED Video wall for staged events

Can be setup up pt. 20 metres wide

PA System Rent

Hire speakers with subwoofer sound

Great event solutions for music concerts and presentations

iPad Pro Rental

Use as a laptop, studio or tablet

Interactive touchscreen rental

Touchscreen rental 46”

Touchscreen Rental 46”

Delivered with a double mount floor stand included

USB ports and HDMI connectivity

Rent 55” touchscreen

Rent 55” Touchscreen

Delivered with a double mount floor stand included

USB ports and HDMI connectivity

Hire touchscreen 65”)

Hire touchscreen 65”

Our largest touchscreen to date

Create fun and engaging interactive events

Rent Microsoft Surface Pro

Versatile - use as a laptop, studio or tablet

Interactive touchscreen, connect Surface Pro accessories

Matrix Switch Hire

Any voltage, current, frequency or configuration.

Seamless switch hire is a way to distribute material from multiple HDMI sources to a number

Global experience in successful rentals & execution of large events in over 50 countries.

We offer a 24/7 technical support service during the rental period.

Trusted suppliers to 4000+ corporate clients globally.

Partners with trusted web developers to develop customised apps