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 The latest touchscreen products for digital events and exhibitions at One World Rental.

Our wide range of touchscreen rental equipment enables you to display effective professional business presentations, training programmes and seminars. The interactive element inherent in a touchscreen goes a long way. This tactile feature inspires users to fully engage with an event; via taking part in live projects, live voting, social networking, fundraising, live surveys and more. Touchscreens offer a better overall user experience for your guests, whether you are offering them large displays, tablets or cell phones. Promoters can offer a range of these options- which is ideal for presentations as well as attendees working individually or in groups.

Our touchscreen equipment is available in different sizes and models including tablets; perfect for mobile users delivering:

Why hire touchscreen displays?

There are a number of reasons to hire touchscreen displays. First, they’re compelling. They can work in landscape or portrait orientations. They can be mounted onto stands, kiosks or walls. They are fast- it’s a lot easier, simpler and quicker to access the multimedia content you need on a touchscreen than via a static slideshow or PowerPoint presentation.

Touchscreens are more likely to draw an audience to your display because of the ability for guests to interact with them physically. The hands-off policy for displays is no longer relevant to the modern exhibition, trade show, conference and fundraising event. Promoters want you to get involved with the media equipment in a very tactile way- and that offers a level of freedom and a relaxed atmosphere that traditional displays would have to work much harder to provide. They are also a great way to gauge the interest of guests- people tend to approach the equipment when drawn to a marketing message or digital approach that they connect with.

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Touchscreen rental 46”

Touchscreen Rental 46”

Delivered with a double mount floor stand included

USB ports and HDMI connectivity

Rent 55” touchscreen

Rent 55” Touchscreen

Delivered with a double mount floor stand included

USB ports and HDMI connectivity

Touchscreen 65 inch, our largest touchscreen to date

Hire touchscreen 65”

Our largest touchscreen to date

Create fun and engaging interactive events

LED Video Wall Hire
LED Wall Hire

Rent LED Video wall for staged events

Can be setup up pt. 20 metres wide

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