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Event Wi-Fi rental Canada (and beyond).

Our event Wifi rental services are legendary. We supply a secure, consistent and robust Wi-Fi network under any circumstances, regardless of existing infrastructure, location or number of devices or usage. Your goal is to keep your guests connected and that’s exactly what we offer at One World Rental. We’ve provided internet for every type of event including conferences, desert festivals and live news broadcasts. Our Wi-Fi specialists are trained in every internet resource, including Wi-Fi, MiFi router hire, personalised bonded internet, hardline and Ruckus wireless hire. For satellite services, we have an entire satellite page dedicated to events that require additional backup, are particularly remote, mobile (such as events on caravans) or lack existing infrastructure. Need a connection? Speak to our event Wi-Fi Toronto team today!

Providing temporary Wi-Fi solutions for conferences, meetings and training programmes.

One World Rental’s Wi-Fi rental services are great solutions for events in the corporate industries such as banking and finance enabling event hosts to launch:

Graduate training programmes
Employee development programmes
Internal workshops and seminars
Live business presentations
Corporate conferences and meetings

Event Wi-Fi consultation and on-site internet technicians.

Here’s something else to keep in mind. One World Rental has over a decade of experience connecting corporate events and festivals globally; with the insight and practical experience to let you know exactly what you need and what you don’t. There are typical pitfalls to internet service such as insufficient bandwidth or limited simultaneous connection capabilities, poor location of access points or lagging download speeds. 

The limits to venue Wi-Fi.

Venue Wi-Fi is designed for general public use. It was never meant to include conferences and digital events that may require additional bandwidth, livestreaming, and multiple devices and users online at once. Venue Wi-Fi can certainly be used, but it may require some additional supplementation to ensure a consistent connection. We can help liaise with the venue and ask all the relevant questions, such as the ration of access points to expected devices, where the access points are located, what the dedicated amount of bandwidth speeds are and the current internet upload and download speeds. We can find out for you how many simultaneous connections that network is capable of handling and then create options based on a simple technical assessment.

Wi-Fi hire Ontario to Okazaki.

Our Wi-Fi solutions are global, and our technical team is ready to assist you with a secure, fast connection anywhere.

Wireless Access Points and Access Point Ruckus rental.

Wireless Access Points (or WAP) consists of equipment that connects multiple Wi-Fi devices to a network. One World Rental uses the best in indoor and outdoor WAP and that includes a leading brand called Ruckus. Access Point Ruckus rental provides reliable and secure access despite environmental challenges- their wireless patented technology has a reputation for high performance. Interested in Ruckus wireless hire? Contact our customer service team today for a variety of WAP rental options.

Festival Wi-Fi solutions for hosts, pop up shops, festivals and event organisers.

Festival conditions can be pretty challenging; long queues, a variety of weather, outdoor tents, and a lack of running water can test the most devoted fans. Still, the experience is worthwhile, as evidenced by an industry that’s worth nearly 4 billion Canadian dollars currently (according to Festicket research).

Festival Wi-Fi rental is a ‘must-have’ to ensure that a variety of processes run smoothly including:

EPOS systems for food trucks and merchandise shops.
  Enabling on-site event check-in or registration processes and printing on-site e-tickets and ID badges.
  Displaying interactive event floor plans and schedules.
  Enabling festival attendees and presenters to connect to social media.

Need an essential internet connection for temporary office setups, award shows and charity events, conferences, payment and registration systems, and social media? Speak to our customer service team today to find out how we can help connect your event with substantial, secure internet. For more information on event solutions including Wi-Fi rental, MiFi router hire or any of our event internet services, please contact our customer service team for a free consultation today.

Enterprise 4G Router

Enterprise 4G Router (Cradlepoint) 

High performance equipment

Great for kiosks

Rent Satellite Internet
Satellite Internet

Instant secure online connections

Great in remote locations


Mifi Router Hire

Connect multiple devices

Secure and steady internet connection

Access Point Ruckus Rental ZoneFlex T710
Access Point Ruckus Rental ZoneFlex T710

Indoor event Ruckus wireless hire solutions

Industry-leading performance and reliability

Countries WorldWide

Global event experience in successful IT rental, technical staffing & Wi-Fi installation.

Global Support

We offer a 24/7 technical support service throughout the rental period.

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