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Virtual Reality rental applications.

Virtual reality has officially entered the corporate world; businesses rent VR equipment such as gaming consoles, cell phones, and VR headsets for employee training and development through virtual apps. With Virtual Reality, you can host an interactive 360-degree virtual meeting or provide your guests with live tours. The academic sectors rent Virtual Reality products to deliver cutting-edge learning experiences. Events use Virtual Reality rental to for fresh interactive guest experiences that include interactive games, contests and entertainment. 

What is Virtual Reality and how does it relate to events?

To better understand Virtual Reality rental, it helps to understand the history of Virtual Reality and how it’s evolved to its current applications. In computing terminology, the word ‘virtual’ was first used in 1959 to describe something that doesn’t exist but is artificially created by software. The phrase ‘virtual reality’ has been used in the science fiction genre since 1982, when first referenced by Myron Krueger. Today it is used to describe a computer generated 3-dimensional experience or environment made to appear real through the use of artificial equipment. A variety of industries have begun to employ the use of VR rental for purposes such as technical training, military practice drills, general educational, entertainment, the Arts, and architecture. It’s even been used in medicine both for trainee surgeons and for psychological rehabilitation.

How does Virtual Reality impact events? The answer simply is that anything that effects of senses and perception is going to contribute towards a user experience. This is certainly true for the event industry, whether it’s a training programme, live simulation, or new product launch. Entertainers and corporate leaders alike have realised the value of Virtual Reality and are starting to harness the opportunities inherent in this increasingly more sophisticated technology.

Rent Samsung VR and additional Virtual Reality equipment with us.

We have Samsung VR headsets that you can connect to our Samsung Galaxy smartphones. These headsets offer 360-degree viewing angles, are adjustable, and incredibly durable. Looking for a new experience? Rent Samsung VR equipment and notice the difference for yourself.

For another VR rental option, consider the Oculus Go headset. It offers a comfortable, adjustable fit and provides brilliant 3-D graphics and crystal-clear optics.

We also offer the Microsoft HoloLens. The HoloLens has see-through holographic lenses, automatic pupillary distance calibration, 22 GB RAM and 64 GB of storage. It operates using Windows 10 software and has the capability to mimic human understanding through spatial sound, gaze tracking, gesture input and voice support. All of our headsets are compatible with our mobiles via Google Play or the App store.

Need a gaming laptop? We have the MSI gaming laptop with 4GHz overclocking capability, MSI’s Ambient Link technology, and ultra-thin bezels. It also adds a bit of colour to your experience with a keyboard that can light up in over 16 million shades. Whichever VR rental equipment you chose, know it is all fully tested prior to deployment by our expert in-house technicians.

Virtual Reality apps and software through One World Rental.

Interested in creating your own Virtual Reality software apps? Contact us and we’ll liaise with our software developer partners to create the content to your specifications. At One World Rental, your Virtual Reality experience is unlimited.

We supply our clients with the latest VR rental packages to help them deliver a fun, informative and collaborative user experience. One World Rental have available the Samsung headgear technology device that can be collaborated with Android smartphones enabling our clients to deliver:

Voting & Games

Brand Launch

Learning Sessions

Tours & Guides

Product Launch

360° Conferences

Live Training

Business Adverts

One World Rental stocks the largest inventory of hardware and we’ve delivered equipment, staffing and Wi-Fi solutions to more locations globally than any other event company to date. Find out how we can make a difference for your business or next event today.

To rent Samsung VR or for more information on any of our Virtual Reality equipment  contact us for a free quote and consultation.

Rent Samsung VR Headgear

Rent Samsung VR Headgear

Adjustable head strap available

Interact effortlessly during live events

Samsung VR Hire offers a view from every angle

Samsung VR Rental comes with a comfortable fit

Compatible with Samsung Galaxy phones

Rent Oculus Go

Rent Oculus Go

Adjustable head-strap available

Crystal-clear optics and state-of-the-art 3D graphics

A comfortable and immersive experience

Compatible with mobiles using Google Play and App Store

HoloLens, comes with built in speakers


Designed for comfortability.

Adjustable headband available.

Comes with built in speakers that use Spatial sound.

Powerful HPU that processes large amounts of data per second.

Apple Vision Pro for Canadian Events

One World Rental offers Apple Vision Pro for events in Canada. Elevate virtual and corporate events with high-quality VR solutions for product demos, training sessions, and engagement. Rent Apple Vision Pro for lifelike simulations vital for hands-on experiences in training and education. Experience intuitive control through eyes, hands, and voice with Apple Vision Pro, built on visionOS. Contact One World Rental to enhance your events with immersive experiences.

Inside the Apple Vision Pro Rental Box

Apple Vision Pro rental (Includes Light Seal, Light Seal Cushion, and Solo Knit Band)


Dual Loop Band


Light Seal Cushion

Polishing Cloth

30W USB‑C Power Adapter

USB‑C Charge Cable (1.5m)

Global event experience in successful IT rental, technical staffing & Wi-Fi installation.

We offer a 24/7 technical support service throughout the rental period.

Trusted suppliers to 4,000+ corporate clients globally.

Partnered with trusted web developers to create customised apps.