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ipad desktop stands &

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iPad stands and accessories for every type of event.

One World Rental has an unlimited volume of iPad stands for your next exhibition, conference, or trade show. This includes iPad floor stand hire, wall mounts, desktop stands and kiosks. The tablet stands we offer are secure, stylish and well-designed. They are a great way to showcase event software such as check-in and registration apps, POS apps, surveys and products. 

Along with iPad stands, we offer a variety of hardware including iPads, laptops, desktops, Audio-Visual equipment, Virtual Reality headsets, accessories and more. We can provide logistics, project management and technical support staff for Wi-Fi and equipment installation. iPad stands are just one part of One World Rental’s total event solution. With over 4,000 corporate clients throughout the world, we are an award-winning event technology leader and have over a decade of experience to offer your business.

iPad kiosk stand Canada.

iPad stands are available for delivery throughout Canada. Our iPad kiosk stand Canada solutions will help you to securely, professionally display event check-in portals, event menus, and registration software. It’s perfect for training seminars, product launches, payment terminals, festivals and corporate conferences.

Do you need a reliable registration and event check-in stand? Our range of tablet stands are designed with hidden power cable slots, so your devices can be consistently connected to a back-up power supply. They are lightweight, which helps during setup, yet secure- they have lockable enclosures. Promoters strategically place stands throughout a venue to boost engagement and interaction.

Why chose Heckler stand rental?

Heckler stands have a lot going for them. They are crafted from laser-cut steel- so durability and great edge-to-edge design is a given. You can secure an iPad into the device using a special Heckler screwdriver and four screws-tablets can be placed inside the frame easily. Heckler stands are flexible- with a rotating disc that facilitates a complete range of motion. A hidden cord track will allow you to charge your iPad while it’s in the stand. Perhaps its best feature is the minimalistic, streamlined look of a Heckler Stand rental.

About Moonbase iPad stands.

Moonbase iPad stands are also secure and well-designed. They can rotate up to 330-degrees and offer 45-degree screen sharing options for swift customer-vendor transactions. There’s a hidden enclosure that allows you to thread a power cord through the stand base. They are black, slightly futuristic looking, and lightweight.

Additional iPad floor stand hire and wall mounts.

Our range of tablet stands also includes quad stands; in which you can display up to four iPads at one time. We have tripod stands; which have 3 stages of height adjustment and are often booked for filming. Our wall mounts are also popular because they enable you to save space and mount at any height either in landscape or portrait settings.

We have an extensive range of iPad exhibition stands that can be used for:

Event check-in
Event registration
Product tours
Interactive apps
EPOS systems

For more information about our range of iPad stands, our iPad kiosk stand Canada team are here to help. Please contact us for a free quote and consultation.


iPad Quad Stand for Tablet Rental

Easy to setup and install

Can display up to 4 iPads

Customised vinyl branding available

Great for event registration processes


Bounce Pad for Tablet Rental

Secure to desktop or walls

Easily adjustable

Display at different angles

Great for interactive events


iPad Floor Stand Hire for Tablet Rental

Quick and easy to set up

Can be secured to the floor

Fully adjustable

Great for event check in processes


IPad Kiosk Stand Canada

Secure to desktop

On site charging

Available in different colours

Great for large conferences


Heckler Stand Rental

Different colours available

Use landscape

Secure to the desks

Great for exhibitions


Branded iPad Cases for Event

Branding available

Can charge in case

Suitable for iPad Air

Provides a professional look

4G Data & Sim Cards
4G Data & Sim Cards

Connect iPads, iPhones and more products

Providing full internet connectivity

Full installation and set-up available

Available on EE, Three and Vodafone

Mi-Fi connections available

Connect up to 7 devices on 1 sim card

Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse
Bluetooth Keyboard & Mouse

Bluetooth connectivity

Connections to Apple and Microsoft products

Customisable scrolling

Power Bank Charger
Power Bank Charger

Portable power source

On the go charging

Can charge 4-6 devices at a time

Can be charged with Micro USB cables

Apple Pen
Apple Pen

Precision drawing capabilities

Bluetooth connectivity

Great for making notes during a presentation

Apple Keyboard
Apple Keyboard

Secure case

Pairs with the iPad Pro effortlessly

Bluetooth connectivity

Apple Lightening Cable
Apple Lightening Cable

Connect, charge and sync to Apple products

Available in different lengths

Apple 30 Pin Cable
Apple 30 Pin Cable

Connect, charge and sync to Apple products

Available in different lengths

Micro USB Cable
Micro USB Cable

Connect, charge and sync to Android products

Will also charge Mi-Fi Routers

Available in different lengths

CAT 5/6 Cable
CAT 5/6 Cable

Used for networking support

Can transfer data

Available in different lengths


Used to transmit audio and video from laptops to TV’s

High-definition results

Fibre Optic Cable
Fibre Optic Cable

Greater bandwidth

Strong signals

Faster transmission

Kensington Lock
Kensington Lock

Secures all hardware devices

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We offer a 24/7 technical support service throughout the rental period.

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