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At One World Rental we have in stock the largest range of printers that can be hired for a range of exhibitions and events in the corporate, banking and finance industries.

We have the best names in printer rental including HP, Samsung, Konica Minolta, Epson, Star, and Zebra. Their applications range from events and conferences to temporary office set-ups. These printers feature laser, thermal, colour, compact and wireless capabilities. Print paper receipts or print directly onto badges or wristbands, depending on your event requirements. You can choose from a selection of models that are lightweight, durable, fast and fully integrate with EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) setups. 

Along with printers, we offer full technical setup, delivery and logistics. We provide a full range of event technology for hire and can easily deliver to any Canadian location with as little as 24 hours’ notice. We also provide training in the use of any of our event equipment as well as offering an onsite technical presence throughout the duration of an event.

Our printers are used by clients for some of the following functions:

Printer rental; just one part of your POS system.

Printers are an important part of your Point of Sale transactions and equipment. To better understand the value of professional printers, it helps to define POS. Point of Sale (POS) takes place between a consumer and a merchant at the point in which a service or product is being delivered. The consumer receives the service, and in turn, provides payment. A receipt is produced.

What does Point of Sale have to do with printer rental? At events, the time factor is an important part of an entry management system. Reducing the time guests spend in line checking into an event is crucial, as the registration process is often their first glimpse of the event itself. Profitability demands that their initial impression is a positive one, and waiting in long lines for badges and wristbands, or for receipt rolls to be changed is not what we want in the forefront of an attendee’s mind.

Point of Sale also comes into play with food vendors and kitchen receipts. Kitchen printers send food orders directly to the cook - receipts are printed in the kitchen for the chef, who creates the orders quickly and accurately, thanks to this wireless technology. These tasks each contribute to fast service- which is essential for events of any size.

Rent Start receipt printer options from One World Rental.

Rent Star receipt printer models such as the TSP100 and TSP650 to simply your EPOS system. Star Bluetooth printer hire is wireless, fast, and easy to use. The speed and efficiency of these devices can even compete with desktop printers. Switch receipt rolls quickly and easily and print up to 100 receipts per minute. Connect them to your POS equipment such as iPads, card readers and electronic cash drawers. Rent Star printer options to print onto wristbands and badges, as well as receipts.

Why rent laser printer options?

Rent laser printers for high-quality crisp text and graphics that are created using a xerographic printing process. What does this mean? It means fast, accurate printing results that are delivered via an electrostatic digital printing process. Now more affordable than ever, our clients can rent laser printers, mono laser printers or colour laser printers for a variety of tasks. Check out some of our laser printer options below or consult a member of our customer service team for more information about the best printer for your next corporate event or temporary office setup.

Star Bluetooth printer hire and Zebra Zd500 Products are great technology solutions for:

Kitchen networking and mapping
 On-site receipt printing
 Events held in remote locations
Branded ID badges
Precision cut stickers and labels
Liner-less labels

We have a variety of printing solutions and we’re always available to consult. To rent Star printer options or learn more about any of our IT equipment for your next event, contact us today for a free quote and consultation.

Star TSP650ii Bluetooth Printer

Star TSP650ii Bluetooth

Bluetooth and Airprint connectivity

‘Drop in and print' paper load

High-Speed Printing of 60 Receipts per Minute

Star TSP143, thermal printer rental
Star TSP143

Thermal printer rental

‘Drop in and print” paper load

Receipt printer

Wireless connectivity

Digital receipt options

Star TSP143 Lightning iOS

Star TSP143 Lightning iOS

Connect directly to an iPhone or iPad

‘Drop in and print” paper load

Accessories available for mounting on a wall

Star TSP654IIBI Printer


Bluetooth thermal receipt printer

Collaborates with an EPOS set-up

Can be connected to an electronic cash drawer

Global event experience in successful IT rental, technical staffing & Wi-Fi installation.

We offer a 24/7 technical support service throughout the rental period.

Trusted suppliers to 4,000+ corporate clients globally.

Partnered with trusted web developers to create customised apps.