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Rent Zebra Printer solutions such as the Zebra ZD500 from One World Rental.

We have a range of Zebra printers that are fast, precise, connective and durable. Take the Zebra ZD500 for example. This printer is ideal for traditional receipts as well as for ID badge printing and e-ticket printing. It’s suitable for corporate events and festivals where attendees may need to create branded materials on the spot, including badges, entrance passes and individually printed wristbands. You can also print labels for instructions or equipment.

The Zebra ZD500R: RFID printing at its best.

The ZD500R is a thermal printer that offers one touch printing and encoding. It’s compact and Link-OS-enabled- so it’s easy to integrate. Rent Zebra printer options such as the ZD500R for automatic RFID calibration, so there are fewer receipt roll changes and less overall waste. It has multiple functionality- use it for a variety of RFID labels and for retail tagging, as well as larger case and pallet labels. And of course, it has wireless and Bluetooth connectivity- so you don’t have to worry about tripping over wires.

Zebra ZD500 products are ideal technology solutions for:

On-site receipt printing
  Events held in remote locations
Branded ID badges
Precision cut stickers and labels
Liner-less labels

About the Zebra ZD620 thermal printer.

The Zebra ZD620 has the speed and printing quality to rival industrial printers in its class. It also works well with a variety of operating systems- integrating with iOS, Windows and Android devices. This is helpful for POS systems including till networks, scanners and electronic cash drawers. It’s connective- monitor this device easily from the cloud. And its interface is extremely easy to use- with an optional 10-button LCD screen that makes setup and status updates simple. This printer comes in thermal transfer and direct thermal modes. Utilise the Zebra’s Print DNA suite of applications for bespoke developer tools and utilities. It supports ZPL and EPL printer languages. For troubleshooting, this device is a great ally- its display lights up in the event that printing is paused or in an error state, so that you can identify any issues and quickly get back to business.

Zebra Barcode Scanner Rental

We have both wired and wireless (Bluetooth) 2D Zebra barcode scanners for accurate data capture every time. These are useful for scanning QR (Quick Response) codes on paper or electronic tickets- it speeds up the check-in process at at corporate events, trade shows, and festivals.

Like all of our hardware, our printers and barcode scanners can be delivered to any venue throughout Canada, with as little as 24 hours’ notice. We offer delivery, installation and setup, as well as an onsite technical presence throughout an event’s duration. One World Rental checks each device prior to dispatch, and we never recommend a product that hasn’t been thoroughly field tested by our technical team. With over 4,000 corporate clients globally, we have developed a reputation for delivering to spec, on time, and with exemplary customer service. Contact our project managers today and find out for yourself what we can do for your next event.

For more information about our Zebra printer rental services or Zebra barcode scanner rental options, please contact us today for a free quote and consultation.

Star TSP143, thermal printer rental
Star TSP143

Thermal printer

‘Drop in and print” paper load

Receipt printer

Wireless connectivity

Digital receipt options

Star TSP143 Lightning iOS
Star TSP143 Lightning iOS

Connect directly to an iPhone or iPad

‘Drop in and print” paper load

Accessories available for mounting on a wall

Star TSP650ii Bluetooth Printer
Star TSP650ii Bluetooth

Bluetooth and Airprint connectivity

‘Drop in and print” paper load

High-Speed Printing of 60 Receipts per Minute

Zebra ZD500 Printer

Zebra ZD500

Desktop printer used to print labels, such as delivery labels or barcodes.

Can print badges and onto wristbands

Paired through a LAN network

Zebra ZD620 Thermal Printer

Zebra ZD620 Thermal Printer

Advanced industrial printing

Works with iOS/Android/Windows devices

Integrated Cutter


USB v2.0

Bluetooth Low Energy

RS-232 Serial

Ethernet Connection

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