Hire LED Video Wall for Corporate Events, Trade shows, and Product Launch

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Hire LED Video Wall for Corporate Events, Trade shows, and Product Launch

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If you plan to set up a trade show or a corporate event or product launch, you probably understand the pressure associated with sharing the room with other competitors and businesses. Striking out is extremely important there, as onlookers will need something to persuade them that what you have to offer is worth their time. Live demonstrations, presentation, and the effective use of displays are all ways to set yourself apart from the competition in how you showcase your brand or products. Using a LED video wall rental in Toronto can achieve that goal and impress your audience.

What is a Video Wall?

A video wall is a multi-display wall formed by connecting numerous screens to display a bigger image or windows of multiple images. LCD or LED panels, tiles, cubes, or projection screens can be used as display technology. These video walls provide more flexibility, control, scalability, and creativity.

While most video walls are huge horizontal or vertical rectangles, they may also be artistically designed displays with screens grouped in various combinations. Video walls can be installed on movable mounting systems or permanently placed on the wall.

Difference between LCD and LED Video Wall

LCD panels, which stand for liquid crystal displays, are made by sandwiching a layer of liquid crystal between two pieces of polarised glass (much like that smartphone at your side). However, liquid crystals do not generate light and must illuminate by backlights hidden behind the glass. As a result, they lack a certain level of brightness.

Furthermore, when LCDs are tiled together to form a video wall, bezels—the boundaries between a screen and its frame can be seen between individual panels. Neither of these statements is valid for a better LED video wall.

LED (light-emitting diode) panel walls have traditionally been utilised in outdoor advertising since the displays are bright and operate effectively at a distance. When compared to LCD (liquid crystal display) video walls, LED pictures might look grainier up close.

A LED wall is made up of several smaller LED panels. Each panel has hundreds of small light sources known as “light-emitting diodes” that may change colour to form a vast, continuous image.

LEDs have a significantly broader viewing angle, which means the image is still visible even if you aren’t looking at it directly. This implies that the material is visual regardless of where someone is standing. Another factor to consider when deciding between LED and LCDs is screen brightness. One of the advantages of LED panel walls is that they may be put outside without extra protection.

Benefits of LED Video Wall System for successful events

LED video wall system has swiftly become the grab-on option for designing an eye-catching show stand. LED screens are an interesting, clear visual assistance that will help you grab the attention of your target audience. LED screens provide a bright picture that helps the marketing message to stand out.

LED video walls are a must-have for companies that exhibit at trade shows. The transition and interaction rate when using LED screens is far higher than with traditional static print. You can catch the interest of potential clients in a matter of seconds by using exciting content and vibrant imaging.

A full video wall system may provide performance, versatility, and interaction that more basic systems just cannot. LED video walls do not require a backlight and instead produce colored light when a certain voltage is given. They are brighter as a result, and because there is no filament, they are more power-efficient and do not burn out or heat up.

Another reason for the popularity of LED walls is that standard definition (SD) video has largely been abandoned in favour of high definition (HD) video. Which LED video wall display screens to enable. Although they can make LED video walls by joining individual LED video wall panels together and stacking them to form a composite image, they have no bezels, so images are transmitted.

Why your business needs an LED Video Wall?

There are numerous motives why you should consider using a video wall at your next trade show. The most apparent reason is that it has an audio-visual impact on the audience that no print-based trade fair display can equal. By providing your audience with a sensory experience, you may entice them and keep them interested for a longer period.

Because video walls are adaptable, you can simply include them in your exhibition. These adaptable tools are then assembled in various configurations depending on how you want to showcase your product or service. They are simple to set up and takedown, making them ideal for trade fairs and corporate events.

Why hiring LED Video Wall?

Purchasing several commercial tv screens is far more expensive than renting a video wall. Because they are transportable, can be plugged in, and play your material with ease, video walls are low-cost options for trade fairs.

Depending on how many trade fairs you host each year, you may rent them per event or commit to a contract to earn discounts throughout the year. LED video walls may be the solution you’re searching for if you want to save money while still making an impression on your audience.

Hire Video LED Walls from One World Rentals

One World Rentals can provide audio-visual assistance for trade fairs, product launches, award ceremonies, conferences, meetings, and almost any other event. Our video walls are available in various layouts and sizes, allowing you to find the right fit for your event. They are simple to install, and our knowledgeable team can assist you in ensuring that your setup is suitable for your location.

We can provide, big and small, HD and 4K LED walls. For the greatest possible image quality, we always choose leading brand names. All displays are either Full HD or spectacular 4K resolution, and they all have HDMI connections.

We also offer on-site technical support for troubleshooting. We send our experienced, educated specialists to set up, organise, and execute your video wall show with your team. Please contact us for further info on the services we provide.